Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Mom came to Visit

My Mom came for a visit from Minnesota in early June.

Hannah, who never lets me touch her hair, let Grandma French Braid her hair.
I think it looks gorgeous. Since then Hannah has let me braid her hair once too. We are moving up!
Mom also did some sewing for us including making us all water bottle carriers. They are a necessity in the desert.
Mom also watched the kids for me so I could attend the wedding reception of one of my knitting gals, Emily. I took Heather (another SnB'er) as my date! Congratulations Emily!

With happiness, we also had some loss. A family in our neighborhood moved back to Michigan to be closer to family when they add a daughter to their family. Hannah loves Jonah and missed him!
Jonah & his Dad, Jon.
We got a photo of most of the kids in our neighborhood that all play together.

A photo of the kids, Mom & I on the couch!
Thanks for visiting Mom.