Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dinner with Rosie & Woody

I didn't get any photos of Rosie & Woody but I did get a photo of their new baby, Sydney.

She was so good with the kids, which make them think she was in a home with kids before she ended up at the Humane Society. She did not like the collar that Rosie tried to convince her to wear but Simon really did enjoy playing with her.
One last photo before Syndey decided the tulle was no more. Hmmm....might end up on my costume today! ;)
Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Festival

The kids and I went to the Pumpkin Festival at the botanical garden today. These are some of the carved pumpkins we saw while at the festival.
Hannah & I also met the garden mascot.
We took a hay ride and visited the maze.

Hannah found her pumpkin.

I had to carry Simon's....shocking, I know.
The kids & their pumpkins. Simon's is bigger than he can carry.
There were also games to be played by the kids.
We visited the Monarch butterfly pavilion.

There are still a few pieces of the Chihuly glass left in the garden. These are at the entrance and still as gorgeous as ever.
A family photo...might be the photo for my Christmas card.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Baking....

I had apples so I made a Harvest Apple Cake. The wonderful part of this cake is "soaking" the apples in brown sugar.
I am working to buying REALLY nice knives, but I did get some higher end IKEA knives with a sharpener. That knife is sharp!
The apples after soaking for 45 minutes.
The lovely cake before cooking.....
The finished product. It was good!

A Visit with my Brother & Family

I was able to also visit my brother and his family while I was in the DC area. I always figure that if I get 6 hours closer by plane, what is a few hours by car?

My lovely niece got a new "cell phone" that she really enjoyed playing with while I was visiting.

She was very snuggly!

The lovely family, Mindy, Benjamin, Matthew & Emily.
Hmmm...see any family resemblance??
I was lucky enough to visit on Mindy's birthday so we got CAKE and Hershey's ice cream too!
Thank you Matthew & Mindy for a wonderful visit!!!

Welcome to Pennsylvania

I had to go to the DC area for work, so I was lucky enough to get to go out for the weekend before my meeting and see friends and family.

I visited Pennsylvania....
While there I visited my friend Melody, her hubby and her son, Colin.
Isn't he a cute boy????
Melody and I have known each other since 1991 when we met in Fargo, ND while working at the USDA. We still look 20-something, right???

Lovely sleeping Colin.
Melody and her little boy.
Another blast from my Fargo past....Chris was the boss that brought Melody and I together. I made a joke that we looked 20 years older....oh, wait! We are almost 20 years older than the day we first met.
I was so lucky to also see one of my old Stitch N Bitch girls, Eva, from our group who moved to the DC area. We had a wonderful Ethiopian dinner. Yum!
I feel blessed that I was able to see so many friends while on a business trip!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Last weekend I made pita bread for lunch. From start to finish it is a pretty quick bread to make, maybe under 3 hours with very little actual active working time. Here is the last step before baking.
The fun part about pita bread is that is puffs up some when you cook it to make the pocket inside. Here is one batch baking and puffing up. It was tasty and my kids even liked it.
I had gotten okra at the farmer's market. I thought I would try something new with okra other than battered and fried so I made curried okra.
The first step is sliced and then soaked in salt water overnight.

In order to get the okra soaked, it recommended iced water.
Afterward it is sauteed with onions and curry. I added lentils to the mixture to make a whole meal. It tasted great with the pita bread.

Another recipe I recently tried was caramel apple cookies. I substituted caramel's for the bits because I couldn't find them. The cookies were really good but if you use caramel pieces, cut them up in REALLY TINY pieces!

I didn't make this meal but it is one of my favorites. Green papaya salad and summer rolls from a local Thai restaurant.

This is the last soup I made from the farmer's market produce. It is a butternut squash and sweet potato soup. I made up the recipe as I went along so, nothing exciting on that front. I topped it with fresh basil and Sriracha sauce.

Happy Sunday!