Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stitch N Pitch

I met Heather for the Stitch N Pitch Diamondbacks game today. We saw Sue from Fiber Factory and she was showing us how to make the crocheted version of the Rasta Hat.
The Fiber Factory also had people demonstrating spinning and bobbin lace making (below).
We thought we needed a photo to show you all how long our hair is now. Both of us used to have very short hair. Hmm....maybe we get along so well since we are about 5 days apart in age. Weird, huh? You meet someone at Stitch N Bitch and just click! Luv ya Heather!
The view of the field from our nosebleed seats.

You can't really see Heather's hat but you can see me modeling the scarf that took me nearly 2 hours to knit the last row. However, it is ready to block and send to its new owner somewhere cold. The scarf is made with Silk Maiden yarn given to me for my 40th birthday last December by the Queen of Snarkville. She drove all the way from Santa Rosa, CA to Sacramento to have lunch with me to start my 40th birthday extravaganza. We had never met before...but that is the wonderful thing about blogland. You meet amazing people!

I THINK the Dbacks lost but to be truthful, I don't care. I went for the company and time spent knitting my friend.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Recent Meals...

I made grilled Chimichurri Tofu a few weeks ago. The tofu marinating.
Fresh seeded baguette from the Farmer's Market ready for grilling.
The finished meal of grilled tofu on grilled bread with an avocado, cucumber and heirloom tomato salad. Definitely would make it again!

Yesterday I made roasted tomotoes for Ina Garten's Caprese Salad.

It was really good and a good use of my Farmer's Market bounty.