Sunday, June 29, 2008


I went to see the movie Mongol last night. I really enjoyed the movie and can see why it was nominated for an Academy Award.

There was violence (expected given the topic of the movie) and subtitles but also gorgeous scenery.

I would definitely recommend this movie.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Limoncello & Yarn

The limoncello is finished and tastes very much like the one my friend brought back from Italy.

750 ml of Everclear makes 2.5 quarts of limoncello! The one on the left is from the freezer and the one on the right is from the pantry.

Kate & I have a swap every now and again....mainly when she is out of Kool Aid for dyeing yarn. They do not sell Kool Aid in Norway. I was excited this time because I found blue Kool Aid which I have not been able to find in years!

She sent me Dale of Norway Lerke yarn. A wool & cotton blend. I am trying to think if a short little sweater with cap sleeves that I could make by alternating one row of each of these yarns to blend them together. Hmmm....if you think of a pattern, let me know!
Thanks Kate! Dale of Norway yarn always reminds me of my time in Norway from 1987-1988 as a Rotary Exchange Student.

Monday, June 23, 2008


One of my projects yesterday was to thin my closet, which generated some boxes.

My kids have more toys than they need but.....
boxes are the best toys ever.
Hannah is drawing race car stuff on the boxes.
Love my grill!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Flutter Scarf

Blogland is such an inspiration (enablers) and Birdsong inspired me to start knitting the Flutter Scarf. I got this skein of Malabrigo lace weight merino wool from Suzi as a thank you for a charity knitting donation last year. It has been marinating in my stash waiting for a project.
Here is a few repeats that I knit last night. The yarn is VERY soft!
Hmm.....maybe I am getting my knitting mojo back. I knit so much during the last few years as a stress reliever, I have not knit too much since the decision was made. Not sure why, maybe just taking a break but I am getting the urge to knit again. This should be a quick and relatively easy knit.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I am a winner....

I entered Allison's contest to win books last week and won Laurie Perry's (aka Crazy Aunt Purl) book.
I will return the favor when I finish the book and pass it on!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Christening the new grill

I got the parts for my grill yesterday and started marinating a london broil steak.

I used this recipe for the marinade. I marinated the steak for about 24 hours. I also grilled some zucchini, which turned out really well.
The finished plate on my new table cloth. Looks like the cloth was made to match my dishes.
Close up of my plate. It was yummy and there is more than enough for dinner tomorrow night of the steak with rice.

Dorky's String Bag

Knitting! Yes, I did knit something this weekend.

This is a string bag made using Dorky's String Bag pattern.

I substituted worsted weight cotton ease yarn instead of the dk weight yarn.
It was an easy knit and it is nice and stretchy.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Morning

I was up at my usual too darned early this morning so after I read the paper and had some tea, I though I'd hit the local farmers market. I haven't been there since the last time I lived on the north side of Phoenix.
I got to the market about 7:15 am (it opened at 7 am) and this was the line to pay at the major produce stand. They sell locally grown produce.
This my "haul".....fresh sourdough, fresh seeded baguette, baby zucchini and summer squash (to be grilled tonight), creamer red potatoes, a bit of ginger, red onion and a pot of salsa. The sourdough became breakfast when I got home.
On the way home I stopped at a garage sale I had seen on the way and bought these two hand embroidered tablecloths for $1 total. They have obviously been in someones basement as they have that musty smell. After a run through the washer, I am sure they will be perfectly fine.
Off to pick up the new grill parts so I can grill tonight! I have the london broil marinating in the refrigerator.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Week In Review

I tried to install a programmable, forgot to turn off the breaker so I blew a fuse which required a visit from the air conditioner company. Needless to say, I paid to get both thermostats installed for me.

We were dog watching yesterday for the neighbors which means we let their little "boys" out yesterday afternoon. They came over on Friday and told me that I only needed to come at 1:30 pm and they would be home in the evening but left instructions for the alarm. Anyway, Simon & I let the boys out and then came home. This morning I read the instructions at 5:15 am when I got up and it mentioned that they were coming home this morning and the boys needed to be fed.

CRAP! I run over and let myself in to make sure that my neighbors were home. Um, they were and the dogs were barking and waking them up, I am sure. They stay up WAY later than I do.

Hannah helped me make some banana streusel muffins to make up for waking them at the crack of dawn. The carnage from my helpers. Yes, I was using the laptop for recipes so I don't have to print the recipes.
The finished product.
The neighbors laughed when they came over today and loved the muffin suck up.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Swimming Photos

My Dad sent me some photos he took last weekend at the hotel.
more swimming....
Flag at the top of the butte.
Overlooking the pools from the restaurant at the resort.
My favorite underwater photo. They had a place with a window where you can see the kids swiming is the photo Dad took that I have on my cell phone camera (dork that I am).


Unfortunately, I am not a person that can sleep late in the morning so most mornings I am up by 5 during the week and 5:30 am on the weekends. Yes, I sleep in A LOT on the weekends. ;)

This morning was no different so I got up and took my laptop and the Sunday paper out on the patio with a cup of coffee.
And finally, got most of the "free" flowers planted in tubs or planters. Hannah helped me pick out the pink tubs and I drilled holes in them so the water would drain.
I recycled a bistro table that had been folded up in my side yard to hold my plants. That is now the nice view I have from my patio door and I see it every time I come downstairs. Nice color.