Friday, June 30, 2006

Sewing & Goop

Yarn Botanika made me some yarn to make a pair of socks and write a pattern. Don't laugh, I can write a pattern.....I have made them up all the time! ;)

Hot Summer Nights.....ooohhhh.
I have been making more sock bags and have spindle bags on the machine right now.

I love this one but I love any shade of green.

Yesterday, after we met Yarn Botanika& Kirsten at the Fiber Factory very long...since Simon was exhibiting tired boy syndrome and being wild and crazy......Hannah & I made some goop from cornstarch & water. I think it should have been thicker but she enjoyed it anyway.

Monday, June 26, 2006


It took me nearly two months of solid knitting to finish this shawl and I gotta tell you, I am about sick of it!

Here she is pre-blocked.
Close up of the feathers in the preblocked stage.
Taking a bath.
Pinned out in my bedroom.
A full length finished shot.
Here is a close up of the edging with beads.
Now I have to figure out a new project to knit until my Sock Swap yarn arrives. Oh well, I have to finish sewing bags today so...that should take up most of my knitting time.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

View on my Couch

This is the view on my couch this morning to watch the England vs. Ecuador World Cup game. Yes, they all have on their England shirts.

Here are some bags I am making. Spindle bags & sock bags. They should be done this afternoon.
And look what KATE sent me from Norway. I sent her a lot Kool Aid for dyeing and some yarn.

That is all felting wool on top and small diameter circular needles on the bottom.

Although you can't tell in the photos above, all the needles have a slight bend in them after the cord. It makes it so nice to knit in small circulars that aren't just regular straight needles with a short cord!
Unfortunately, Kate says that she was lucky to find them because the shops are all going to Addi's and discontinuing the sale of these needles! She sent size 0, between US 0 -1, two size US 2-3 and on US 4!

Thanks again Kate!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ann & Len came to visit

And so did Hannah's friend Kathlyn.

Ann is David's sister & Len, her other half. Here they are playing with Simon in the pool yesterday.
And with the kids this morning before they took off for the Hoover Dam.
Ironic, we didn't get a photo of David & Ann.

We had a really nice visit with them and hope to see them in the UK sometime soon! Thanks for visiting on your way to the Pacific Northwest.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Saturday & Sunday

This is Rodeo Drive in Rocky Point....something to behold, isn't it? They have dug down about 3 feet or more in order to put in a paved road to all the time share resorts that are being built but it is a sandy mess.

I felt really sorry for some of the small "stores" because normally, on a Saturday, the place would be packed but it was like a ghost town. The road is supposed to be finished in August.

I laughed every time was saw this sign. I guess Starbuck's logo is ubiquitous, wait, that is exactly their logo but close enough.

The border crossing wasn't bad. It is sad to see the poverty in Mexico....the hawking of "stuff" has risen to a big line of people, women, children, old blind women, men selling everything on the side of the street as you wait to cross the border.
One of my favorite parts of the drive is our trip to Organ Pipe Cactus National Moment. You have never seen so many saguaro's in one place!!!
Ok, you have probably noticed there is no knitting photos. Well, I knit all of 4 rows on Icarus. The road between the border & Rocky Point was too bumpy to knit lace as was the road from the border to Gila Bend so I just knit a little in our room and read a lot of books.

I'll finish it one of these days.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Day 2 in Rocky Point

We went to the beach. Now, this is a wee bit harder than it appears because much of the beaches around town are mostly rock. However, this is at low tide so the kids got to play in the sand and there was enough water and animals in the tide pools to keep them happy.

The kids and I flew a kite. Well worth the $1 from the Target $1 section.
David is the master at making sand castles.
After the beach, we went to the charbroiled chicken place. It has been interesting to watch the business grow from a one small roofed "hut" to a very large one with a tiled floor and wood table and chairs.

It was HOT at the beach so we needed refreshment!

Simon & Hannah had Coke from a bottle. They thought that was the coolest thing!
This is a rare shot of David in a hat. He never wears a hat and often gets burnt. However, after out trip to Carefree where he was BURNT TO A CRISP, he has learned his lesson (at least for this year) about sunscreen & hats.

I tried this new spray on sunscreen from Coppertone and loved it! Very nice & easy to put on.

After a nap, we went swimming in the hotel pool. Um, yes, it is a wee bit green. The hotel has definitely really gone down hill in the past few years so we are looking for a condo next time!
After our swim, we headed downtown for a seafood dinner. Hannah had been begging to get her hair braided. It is quite the thing to do, especially for young girls. I was a bit dubious because she is very touchy about her hair and her head hurting but she was a champ and LOVES them.

I think she is excited to show them off at summer camp today.
We had a great dinner of fish, clams & shrimp and a gorgeous sunset to match.

Monday, June 19, 2006

We're back....

from Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) Mexico. We left Thursday afternoon and got back yesterday afternoon.

Day 1:

It took about 4 hours to drive from our house to the hotel. The kids were troopers and we only stopped once at the border to get gas, go to the bathroom & buy insurance.

Here we are downtown for dinner.

Hannah & Simon waiting for out drinks to show up.

The gorgeous sunset.
A new restaurant built on stilts. We talked about eating there but I suspect it is incredibly overpriced! This is the view of it from our table at the restaurant above.
We walked around after dinner and then crashed.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Birthday Gifts & Cake

About 3 seconds after David got home from work, the kids wanted him to open is presents! As you can see, he really did very little opening.

But he got some nice gifts....shirts & ties. David needs fitted dress shirts and they are hard to come by in any color other than white but we found a gray, cream with design and butter yellow. A nice change from the sea of white in his closet.
We went out to dinner at Chili's and came home and had cake.

Simon & Hannah helped put the "sprinklers" (Simon's term) on the cake to dress it up and picked out the candles at the store.
Hope you had a happy birthday David!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Happy Birthday David

It is David's birthday today.
The kids have some special homemade gifts hidden under Hannah's bed that they made and there is a cake waiting to be frosted on a cooling rack in the kitchen.
We are off to Rocky Point to celebrate on Thursday.

Happy Birthday David!

Monday, June 12, 2006


Dad & Linda came over on Friday night to celebrate their anniversary & hang out before they both take off to different parts of the US. Dad, of course, is headed to Florida so there is a Hurricane waiting for him. Every time he goes, there is a darned storm of some sort.
The kids & I went to the $0.99 store in Chandler and look, they had, among other things, Lion Brand yarn.

Chunky USA...never heard of it but it is 100% acrylic. I tell you, that store also had fresh fruit & veggies that did not look too bad.
I am into the edging of the Icarus Shawl. It is going slowly because each row is something like 500 stitches and takes me about 20 minutes to knit. Ack...will I ever get done? The end is in sight. I have about 50ish rows left so, probably on our vacation to Rocky Point.

I also won a blog contest from Patricia's trip on the Pride of Hawaii cruise. I can't wait to see what is in the bag o' stuff!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Camp Not-A-Wheeze

I am sure you are all thinking...what kind of camp is Camp Not-A-Wheeze? It is a camp specifically for children who have asthma. Most kids with asthma can't go to a regular camp but at Camp Not-A-Wheeze, everyone has asthma. It is the camp experience while also learning about asthma, triggers, medication, etc.

We got to go on the guided tour with Stacy at the Arizona Lung Association.

Simon is already planning his trip when he is 7!

There was a rodeo going on when we got there yesterday.

The kids with David & the horses.
Playing on the tire swing with their newly purple highlighted hair.
AND....Hannah did this really LONG zip line.
Here she is just before she got off. She loved it and wanted to do it again.
We had a great time!

I also finished more spindle bags and sock bags. Unfortunately, two of the red sock bags on the end have already been sold or traded. I am using the Tiki Hut one for my Icarus Shawl.

If you are interested in a trade or to buy one, you can let me know. I have lots more fabric! Finally....I want this. I saw it at Kohl's on Sunday. It is like La Creuset, cast iron with an enamal covering. Isn't it cute? I might go over today and see if it is still there.
However....I did just notice, it appears to only have one handle. Um, that might be a problem because it is heavy. We shall see.