Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well, after tasting the Amalfi Limoncello, I decided to make some again. I tried a few years ago and it was not quite as good.

The recipes I have seen call for Everclear...I used not so great vodka before. This time, I bought Everclear and got a bit of guff from the guy at the liquor store asking me if I was having a garbage can party. For those of you that have not been to involves a new garbage can, kool aid, citrus and everclear plus the other booze people bring. You mix water, and all the other stuff and it really does taste like alcohol infused kool aid...ah,, college memories.

Here is my second try with Everclear.
My neighbor brought me a bunch of flowers last week. I planted these.....
and still have this many left. Um, I guess I need a few more containers. I do have potting soil but no more planters.
Tomorrow......another day to get planting pots.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Friends Go to Italy.....

And all they brought me was Limoncello from Amalfi.

It is now in the freezer and I can't wait until it is cold. My neighbor can't either because she lived in Amalfi some years ago and loves Limoncello.

The bottle is hand decorated.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Just a thank you to all the veterans and current military that have served our country to make it what it is today!!!

Specific thanks to my Dad & brother, Matthew, both veterans!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


We had a nice brunch at the restaurant in the hotel overlooking the pool. Simon loved the waterfall.
Trying out my sunglasses.
Hannah too....
Then Dad, the kids & I want for a wee hike up the butte behind the hotel. Phoenix in the distance.
A clear view from the top. Gorgeous!
A wee bit more swimming and then we headed home the hang out and spend a quiet Memorial Day at home. We sure did enjoy a great two days together with Dad & Linda!!!


The weather cleared up some so we spent time in the pool and also visited the IMAX theater to see Dolphins & Whales 3D.

Hannah on the water slide.
The kids in the pool playing a duck game.
Dinner at Aunt Chilada's Mexican Restaurant.

Holiday Weekend: Friday

Dad & Linda saw a great deal on the news a few weeks ago for The Buttes Resort in Phoenix. It is a nice resort and so we decided to do a couple of nights at the Buttes.

It was a bit overcast on Friday afternoon but the kids still spent a bit of time in the pool. Afterward we went to dinner at a tourist spot with a great view called Rustler's Rooste Steakhouse. On the way in the kids saw a steer.
There is a slide from the hostess station to the tables. Hannah, Simon & Grandpa took the slide, Linda & I took the stairs.
At our dinner table.
The lights of Phoenix and the sunset in the distance.
Wish I had had some tequila. ;))

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

We took a great road trip today for Mother's Day on our way to San Dominique Winery for a wine luncheon. We got up there a little early so we decided to visit Montezuma's Castle.
The kids wanted to climb up and, not so much. ;))
A group shot with Grandpa & Grandma Linda.
An illustration of the inside of the dwelling.
A great Mother's Day photo of the 3 of us.
Dad & Hannah at the winery. A nice view. The lunch was good....even though we haven't been for 9+ years, the timing of the dinner service was as interesting as ever.
Finally, a photo of Dad & Linda.
A great Mother's Day!

The Week in Review

We went to Hannah's science fair on Thursday night. She did a great job testing antibacterial soap vs. regular liquid soap.
On Saturday Heather came over for a sewing lesson. Here is her first project....a Travel Tissue Holder. She also finished one of the grocery bags I made a few weeks ago!
Simon passed another milestone....he lost a tooth. His FIRST tooth!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Juliet Sweater

I saw this sweater on Catherine's blog....think I might have yarn to knit it in my stash. Going to go diving this weekend and see.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Random Monday

A cute kitty on the couch. I guess she is comfy.

A new sign above the true. LOVE it. (ha, pun intended)
A new addition to the kitchen. A iHome iPod player/radio/clock. Sounds great now that I have washers to use under the screws. I HATE when you buy something and you have to go buy one more piece to finish it. Would it have been so hard to include 4 small, little washers??
However, a good invention is that the remote has a VERY strong magnet so you don't lose it if you use the refrigerator to hold the remote.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Wine Tasting Road Trip

I saw that there was an Arizona winery having a wine tasting about an hour or so out of Phoenix so I grabbed a friend and headed out today.

We got there and it was crowded....but we got a few tastings and sat on the lawn to drink some wine and have some bread. This is a photo of the "normal" tasting room from my seat on the lawn. The weather was really the 70's and sunny.

A view of the vineyard in the background and the hills behind.
The wine was ok (I don't know a lot about wine but I know what I like) but there was another winery, Page Springs Cellars, that had tastings and sold their own wines. Their wine was MUCH so some chardonnay was bought.
However, the best winery was the one we hit on the way home. It is San Dominique Winery. It is small and quaint. If you drive up Interstate 17 from Phoenix, you will see this sign at exit 169 that advertises wine but you think, hmmm...not so much However, the food and the wine is really good!

One thing I do remember from our stops was the port. Amazing port. Well, we stopped by on our way home and had to buy a bottle of port or two. I can't wait to find a nice occassion to open a bottle and sip on its contents.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


I was reading an article at work in an advertising publication and they were talking about the prolific use of Photoshop (and similar programs) used by the magazine/advertising industry.

I subscribe to Redbook and remember this cover. I thought Wow, she looks really good for being roughly my age and 3 kids. Good for her....

Uh huh, here is the BEFORE photo. She still looks great but more know, the almost 40 back fat, the crow's feet around her eyes, normal sized arm, etc.
And we wonder why there is such a problem with our women/girls and body image. Jeez, if a gal who looks great in real life has to be altered for a "women's magazine" targeted at her peers, what chance do our young girls have??? Oh that's right, plastic surgery.

Ok...getting off my soap box now.

Photos taken from this website.