Monday, May 28, 2007

New Shrug

I have been knitting...slogging along on the shawl and then I knit a shrug for Hannah this weekend.

It is a very easy pattern from Garn Studio. It is pattern S15-5. Basically a garter stitch rectangle with short rows and a crocheted edging. Yes, I did crochet!

I made it using Dale of Norway Tuir yarn (wool & mohair) from Kate.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pirates 3

For once, we went to a movie on opening weekend.

It was a good movie from the cinematography, costumes, actors, etc. HOWEVER, it was 3 hours long!!!

Lord knows I love Johnny Depp but you know, 3 hours is a really LONG TIME. I would have enjoyed the movie just as much if it were an hour shorter.

Did I enjoy it? Yes. I think there were things I missed, many sub-plots, but since I KNOW we will buy it on dvd, I will surely figure it out when we watch it again.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Scottsdale Moment

Today, during lunch I had a quick bite, then went to a fabric store and then got my passport photo taken.

Lunch...quick & cheap.

Fabric store...yeah, that is where the Scottsdale moment came into play. I went to this store to see what kind of fabric they sold. Well, they sell decorator fabric. However, inside the front door was a clearance table that had remnants of decorator fabrics along with trims and a few decorating books. They were all $5.99. I picked up a piece of fabric and looked around the store, then paid. On my way out, I asked if they happened to sell a specific item...the clerk said, "No, we don't and if we did, it would definitely not be on the remnant table." I thought, well, looks can be deceiving and you know, I might have gone back up until that point but, not again.

Passport: 3 things
1. Did you know you can't smile in the photos anymore? I look like a convict.
2. You have to show your ears in the photo.
(I think the first two things have to do with face recognition software.)
3. If you meet 4 requirements, you don't have to pay the extra $30 filing fee but can instead mail it directly to the passport office??? Cool!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wonderful Kate.....

Kate....wonderful Kate........

We have an informal swap...I send yarn, Kool Aid, and other stuff and she sends YARN from Norway.

I need to give a little background, I have an affinity for Norway because I spent a year there as a Rotary Exchange Student in 1987-1988. I love Norway and it is where I learned to knit.

Kate sent me some wonderful wool, superwash wool and alpaca! I can't wait to find some wonderful patterns to use this gorgeous yarn!

Your package left the US yesterday. Thank you!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lunch Packing

The newness & the cost of eating out has hit me. For years, I worked at home and ate 90% of my lunches at home so...when I started working outside the house, I liked going out. However, I do not like what it is doing to my pocketbook (or potentially to my waistline) so...while I was at the grocery store today, I saw these two products from Fit Fresh.

The sandwich container which is much like a Bento Box with a large container for a sandwich or meat and two smaller containers for other items like veggies or preztels. The nice thing is they come apart AND they are all microwavable.

I also got a salad container with the dressing container in the top because, this week, lazy lettuce (pre-bagged lettuce & spinach) was on sale for $1 a bag! That is less than a head of lettuce.
I will be taking my lunch at least a few times this week!

Oh, I forgot...what is interesting about these containers is they have freezer packs that fit into them to keep your items cool. Who knew??

Maybe I can take it to a local coffee place near work, since we don't really have a break room, and it is getting too hot outside AND I don't want to eat my lunch at my desk every, and purchase a small drink. Still better for me and less expensive than eating out.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Almost two weeks!!!

I was walking through the building one morning last week and saw what looked to be two large dogs in the front lawn. Upon further inspection, it was a pair of coyotes (male & female) out front hunting rabbits & birds. The female, who must have recently had babies, was just finishing off a rabbit.
Well, Simon "graduated" from preschool last night. They had a nice little ceremony. Here he is with his friend Zoe.
Getting his "diploma".
And posing for Mom!
On Mother's Day we went to Canyon Lake with my Dad & had a nice lunch.
The vista overlooking the lake in the distance.
After we got back to Dad & Linda's we spent the rest of the day just hanging out at their place and swimming in the pool. It was a wonderful day.
I am still knitting but it is the same thing........and looks the same only bigger!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Hannah has been wanting a pair of "high" heeled shoes since she had some when Dad & Linda got married 2 years ago.

It seemed like so many of the shoes for young girls have REALLY HIGH heels and I did not want her to look 8 going on 18.

So...she has been needing a pair of sandals for dressing up (or just hanging out) and I saw these when we were at Payless.

She loves them. She wore them to the baseball game and around the house that evening with her pajamas!!!

Gosh, she is growing up fast.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Weekend

I signed up for the Knitter's Tea Swap for round 3. It is kind of like Secret Pal but only requires 1 swap so it is fun to put a nice package together and be done with it!! ;)
We went with Grandma Linda & Grandpa to Stitch N Pitch to see the Arizona Diamondbacks play baseball.

There was a set up before the game with tote bags from TNNA and the LYS in our area.
The set up at the ball park.
During the national anthem, the miliatary opened up a huge flag. It was quite large since you can see it so well and we were A LONG way away.
In our seats....we only lasted about 1.5 hours at the game (as expected) because Simon was bored and tired. They also handed out Diamondback colored camo hats as you entered the game.On the way out they have this great demonstration with balls that go all over and end up going through a huge maze. That was probably Simon's favorite part.
This is the bag of goodies. Apparently not as good as last year. Some knit lites, crochet lites (both light up needles & hooks), some Bryspun straights, gauge ruler and yarn.

On the way home we hit Cafe Lalibela. We had the sampler platter below. It was really yummy and everyone got to try a little bit of something. Simon & Hannah liked eating with their "hands" but weren't 100% in love with the bread you use to scoop up the food. It has a bit of a fermented taste but they seemed to like the food and got a tummy full.
Still knitting my shawl and it is coming along nicely. However, the photo would look just like the other ones but bigger.