Monday, September 24, 2007


I did get some lights hung in the kids rooms. I had hoped that the flower & the moon light would save me from having to sleep with the hall light on...give the kids enough light without too much. Um, not so much.

Surprisingly, these lights give off much more light than you would think. They are cute none the less so they are staying.
I also installed by the bed lights for both Hannah & Simon.
We used Simon's last night while reading his bedtime story.
Knitting...I have a plan. I bought yarn from Morehouse Farms to make the Barbizon Jacket. Um, it wasn't going well since I now see, I got the wrong yarn for that pattern. It called for sport weight and I got worsted.

Anyway, still love the yarn but I am going to repurpose it to Greenjeans from Knitty.
I just have to find my ball winder so I can frog the 5 inches from the Barbizon and wind the hanks into balls. Oh yeah, and find my needles.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

IKEA & Home Depot

IKEA & Home Depot are my new favorite places to shop.

Some of the spoils from my second trip to IKEA in a week. I can tell you that going on a late Saturday afternoon is a much better time that Sunday around lunch time.

A drill, rechargable batteries and drill bits. I have LOTS of stuff to hang.
Some bowls from IKEA. I HATE when I can't get the stickers off after buying something. In the past, I have used a paper towel soaked in vegetable oil. However, I saw a better technique on the BBC show, How Clean is Your House? If I ever thought mine was bad..these take the cake.

Back to the tip....mayonnaise instead of the oil. Same idea but the mayo stays on the tag and soaks in much better.

Before... After....peeled right off with nothing more than my fingernail lifting the edge!

More photos of the "after" hanging shots.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

House Photos

There is no knitting photos but I will show photos of the house. There are still boxes everywhere but I am working through them, slowly but surely.

In the spare room, there are two small windows that needed something but I didn't want blinds since they were so small so....I bought some window film at Home Depot and this is what I have.....lets in light but covers the window.
I bought patio furniture last night and put it together.
The sun rising as I sit on the patio this morning. The kids are at David's and yet, I can't sleep past 5:45 am!
I am unpacking and organizing today. Should be fun!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


In the final day of packing, David took the subwoofer out of its "spot" in the bottom shelf of the entertainment center. The hole at the top was about the height of a 2 year olds hands....
This is all the stuff he pulled out of it. I knew there were things in there I could not get out but wow, even I am amazed there was that much stuff in there! wonder the sound was always bad!
And, my first sunrise the day after the move. This is the view from the master bedroom & attached bath. I look at it almost every morning as I am getting ready.