Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The rest of the trip...

We went to Sunset Crater National Monument. Hannah is working on getting the richter scale to measure her earthquake. Sunset Crater in the background. Driving through the monument you could have sworn you were in Hawaii and seeing the lava pits. This volcano erupted about 1000 years ago.
The painted desert is in the background but you can't see it. As you are driving through it, you think you are in a painting of the desert. Truly amazing!
More of the painted desert....
Wapatki National Monument in the distance.
You can do a self guided walking tour, which we did....

The kids over the blow hole...their favorite part. It is a natural fissure in the earth which blows out 65F air in the middle of summer. It was like natural air conditioning!
The trio at the monument.
In the distance...
Sunday we went to the Rainbow Trout Farm in Sedona, Az where fishing is a sure thing.
Hannah had to hold the pole while I got the fish into the net above water.
Hannah's catch...
The fishing trio...
Simon pulling in his catch...
Supervising the catch.
We actually ate the trout for dinner on Sunday night. A bit expensive but you are paying for the experience which was worth every dime!


We drove up on Friday afternoon. Traffic was not nearly as bad as I thought it might be and we arrived around 5 pm. We had dinner on the patio at a pizza restaurant, which the kids wanted, and had a nice time.

Saturday we had a full day. We went to the Pioneer History Museum outside of Flagstaff where the kids explored an old fashioned train.

Then it was off to the Sky Ride. My view on either side of the chair.

It is a long way up but so pretty!
The view from the top!
Hannah wanted to take some photos so she took one of the new sign for the top of the mountain.
And this lovely view!
We could see for miles on the way down although both kids pretty much put their heads under the blanket I brought most of the way down. Going down on a chair lift is always a bit scary, even to me but the view made it worth it.
Next post....Sunset Crater & Wapatki Monument.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekly Round Up

I bought this for my desk. It is an icraig radio/clock & docking station. I paid $1.98 for it after getting free gift card at CVS and then I had another $5 coupon. Can't beat that for a docking station and the added bonus is that is also charges my ipod so I don't have to bring in the cord.

I updated the kids bathroom yesterday. It looked kinda "blah" and I needed something to replace the big fan over the windows because it made the bathroom look really dark.
So, yesterday I stopped at Big Lots on my way home from meeting some SnB ladies for Saturday knitting.

I didn't know what I was looking for but I found the flowered napkins for $1 each. Then, I saw that they also had bath towels in hot pink alone and white with hot pink so I took at as a sign.
I sewed seams in the napkins to make a casing to fit over the curtain rod. Some were straight and some I sewed on a diagonal. They make a nice curtain and let a good amount of light through them too. AND, Target had the hot pink shower curtain. The bathroom looks so bright and clean instead of tired.

Still knitting on the lace leaf shawl and I am only 10 rows away from being finished so hopefully, it will get blocked this week!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

In a DC Minute...

Ok..I was listening to Don Henley and his song the New York Minute but.....here are a lot of photos from the trip to DC.

Apparently, my hotel was less than 5 blocks from the White House so while walking, I found it. There are a lot less protesters than I remember from my earlier visits.

One of the guys that was part of the meeting was taking a walking trip of the sites of DC. I saw most of them in the late 1980's and plan on taking the kids in another 4-5 years. I saw the Vietnam Memorial with my Dad and it still makes me cry even 20 years later. I remember the sheer volume of names and my Dad getting a rubbing of the names of his platoon that did not make it. I am thankful every day that my Dad DID make it.
On the way back from the rental car agency, I saw this sign. They are apparently joking because their haircuts actually cost about $30 for men but I laughed anyway.
I was able to fit a a bit of personal "business" along with work business. I had lunch with my graduate advisor from Fargo, ND and then was able to road trip to see my brother and his family. I figured, after 3000 miles, what is another 90 miles via car? We are a driving family so to me, a couple hours by car is no big deal.

My brother, Matthew and his lovely wife, Mindy, live in western Maryland out in the country. This is their new house.
My 6 mo neice, Emily.
Nephew, Benjamin.
Matthew & Emily
Benjamin, Emily (who would only let me hold her when she was asleep) & myself.
Matthew, Mindy, Benjamin & Emily
Matthew, myself and the "babies".
Mindy & I
I am so happy I was able to see them during my visit! It has been 5 years since I have seen them and they have obviously added to their family since that time. Thank you for the lovely steak dinner!!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Thank you Veterans & Outta Here!

First, I need thank all the Veteran's in the USA. My Dad & one of my baby brother's, Matthew. Matthew enlisted during Persian Gulf but did not get deployed to foreign lands but instead, was stationed at USAMIIRD due to his physics degree, I think.

Anyway, these photos are of my Dad as part of the color guard on Memorial Day at their neighborhood.

It was really moving to see all the Vet's salute the flag. Made me cry and still does!
Hannah in her patriotic finest!

I am off to DC this week! Hopefully, along with work, I will see above said brother, his wife, babies (whom I have not met) and their new(ish) house in western Maryland. I can't be this close to them and not give up a bit o sleep to see them!!!