Friday, December 23, 2011

My Dad's 70th Birthday in Minnesota

 The kids and I headed to northern Minnesota to celebrate my Dad's 70th birthday last August.  We hit a bunch of spots we used to go to during my childhood in Minnesota. 
 My brother, Matthew, and his family overlooking Duluth.
 Little boy cousins
 Japanese garden
 My Mom along with the kids.
 Simon & I during the never ending harbor tour!
 Most of my siblings, cousins and extended family.

 Minus 1 brother but adding another brother & his family
 Down near Canal Park in Duluth

 Road trip to Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada to visit friends I haven't seen in over 20 years.  Their son was back visiting from England so it was an added bonus!

 Views from the Amethyst Mine......
 My youngest brother, Samuel, loves fire so there was a fire every night with s'mores.


Happy birthday Dad.

Monday, July 04, 2011


If you live in Arizona, lots of people come to visit in order to enjoy the weather!  My college girlfriend, Tamara (on the left), came to visit from Arizona.
Isn't she beautiful???

Friends since  1992!  Come back anytime!

Visitors from Sacramento

I had some friends visit for baseball Spring Training in Scottsdale.  Here is Stan, Sally & Wayne.  Stan & Wayne are from Sacramento.  While they were here we visited Giligan's Bar in Scottsdale.
Simon's football coach and girlfriend.
Wayne was obsessed with the "midget" (the bar called her a midget, not our words) wheel of booze.

The crew from California.  Hmmm...wonder if they are Giants fans???

Wayne & I..who met through my amazing friend Diane. I sure hope these guys come back next year.

Simon modeling his Giants shirt with Wayne...they look good right??

A Field Trip to the Zoo

Simon's class had a field trip to the Phoenix Zoo that I chaperoned in the spring. 
Oh my goodness, it's going to eat Simon!

My group and the bunny!

A huge elephant skull.  The boys LOVED it!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Dad napping early on Christmas....
Simon playing with his new gift....

Hannah with one of Auntie Leigh's kitty's.....

The kids admiring Simon's new computer.....
All the kids playing the Wii.....
Dad, Leigh & I....
The after party with paper crowns....don't ask. ;-)

The whole crowd.....California & Arizona

Christmas Eve

In our family, Christmas Eve is the big celebration, not Christmas here it is....

Dad making pasta with my sister, Leigh, on Christmas Eve.

Simon, Cwen, Hannah & Simon....yes, we have 2 Simon's on our family.
Early morning Christmas Eve at the Winchester Mansion in San Jose.  Simon had memorized the brochure so we had to go!

Back to Christmas: Monterey, CA

While on our road trip at Christmas time, we had a night in Monterey. It is gorgeous there!

The rest are photos of a day in the life!

Dad & Linda came with  us....

It might be freezing but my son was all wet.

Crabs at the pier.

Hannah's gorgeous curly beach hair.