Saturday, November 29, 2008

A New Year's Project

I have seen these "easy to install" backsplash panels on home improvement shows but have never looked for them in a store near me. However, yesterday when I was at Lowe's with Dad & Linda picking up the parts for their shower I finally remembered to look.

They are very cool and I bought one to see if I like it in my kitchen.
I do like it and think I will calculate how many I need and think about doing this under the cabinets in the kitchen in the new year.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving in Review

The kids pulled the wishbone from our Thanksgiving and Simon got the wish.
This is Dad, Linda & I before dinner at their community center. We were helping serve, hence the aprons.

Thanksgiving dinner....
After dinner my Dad & I started our attempt to fix my Ipod.
Turns out that the battery is "glued" in so we had a bit of a question as to how much force to use to get it out without killing the ipod.
So, Dad checked the internet and there was a great video on You Tube that showed we could use a bigger screwdriver and more force than I would have thought and still not break the circuit board for the wheel underneath.
This morning, we used some brute force and got the battery out and the new one in....last night I plugged the new one into the circuit and charged it to see if the battery was truly the problem or if I needed a new hard drive. It was the battery! Yea!!!!
Another project for Thanksgiving was replacing the shower handle. Linda has a tough time adjusting the water temp with the "back" handle.
Wahoo, we bought a replacement piece and installed a lever instead. Had hoped she would also get a new on/off knob but alas, it did not fit.

Dad also put the chain back on Simon's bike so we had a very productive Thanksgiving Day & day after!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pull Apart (Monkey) Bread

I knew I had dinner rolls in the and my kids love cinnamon rolls so.....I found this recipe to make Monkey Bread. So, you start with brown sugar & cinnamon mixed together, rolls cut in half and melted butter. The recipe calls for nuts but my kids don't love nuts.
Dip the rolls in butter and roll in sugar mixture. Let rise.
Bake and then turn over immediately onto a lovely plate. I will heat it up in the morning for breakfast for all of us.
Easy and yummy!

iPod Battery is DEAD

The business card thing did not work on my ipod and now it appears that the battery is DEAD! I get NOTHING when I try to charge it so, last night I orderred this battery.

Can't wait until it comes but I refused to pay fast shipping that cost as much as the battery itself.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Homemade Presents

Hannah is going to a birthday party on Saturday for a young lady that knows how to sew.

Tonight we started working on her "sewing" present.
We made her the green Tissue Holder and also a bunch of others for Christmas gifts.
The birthday girl will get the holder, the pattern and a bunch of fabric to make her own! ;)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pumpkin Bread & iPod

We are having a bake sale at work to raise money to buy "Angel" gifts for children & seniors.

I had a HUGE can of pumpkin so I made pumpkin bread...two batches.
The mini loaves were first out of the oven.
The full sized loaves. They were really good! (I took one loaf to my group for snacks today.)
My iPod has been on the fritz and slowly having "issues" for about 6 months. Well, about 10 days ago, it appears it died...really died.

I found this website that recommended putting a business card between the hard drive & case. Since the thing is dead and far out of warranty (years), I have nothing to lose. I did get the back off...

Put in a business card.

And back together. The jury is still out on whether it works.
Next step, if it doesn't, I am going to try and find a replacement hard drive & battery. Still cheaper than a new ipod. (Why yes, I am kinda cheap. ;))

Sunday, November 16, 2008

St. Martin's Day

The company I work for is owned by a German company so we have a good number of "ex-pat's" that work in our building and transfer in & 0ut every few years.

This year we got invited to the St. Martin's Day procession at a local park.

Before the procession, there was playing on the toys.

Simon found a tree to climb.
There were a lot of cool lanterns. Next year....we know what to expect (and prepare for in terms of lanterns)!
We had little lanterns that I bought.

You can see a sea of lanterns.
It was fun to be invited and learn about other cultures.

Holiday finds....

They had a "fair" at church this morning. I bought a jar of red pepper jelly and a table runner.
Seems like the holiday's are fast approaching.

Weekend Shots....

I had asked Hannah to put away some towels & washcloths in the kitchen drawer. I was surprised to see this when I opened the drawer.
I made Thanksgiving dinner early yesterday because the kids will be at their Dad's this year. A cranberry recipe from Dole.

Dad carving the turkey. Thank goodness one of us knew how to carve the turkey.
During dinner....
Simon made Moses in church this morning.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday in the desert....

On quite a few Sunday's, I do cooking for the week and this week is no different. I made meatloaf in muffin pans and they are cooling in the freezer right now on their way to a ziploc for later use.

I also have a batch of stroganoff going in the crockpot and dinner on Tuesday. I think we will have salmon tomorrow night, stroganoff Tuesday and meatloaf Weds. is raining in the desert!
See those clouds??? A rarity in the desert!

Continued knitting is taking place on the sweater.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sweater Progress

On Wednesday I took my sweater out for lunch. I have since finished the back of the sweater and am about 2/3 of the way through the right side of the sweater.
I am enjoying this sweater. It is an easy knit and I think it will be a pretty sweater.

Monday, November 03, 2008


We are finally getting "winter" weather so the windows are open and the kitty LOVES the open window.
The first few inches on my sweater. Not 100% loving the pooling of the pink but I think it will be less so when I block the sweater and it is more "lacy".

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Gisela Sweater Pattern

I found this pattern through Ravelry today. It is the Gisela sweater pattern.
Dad & Linda gave me this lace weight yarn for Christmas last year. I have knit a few inches of the back and it is gorgeous!!!
I am modifying the pattern a bit to be one size larger and also longer since I am long waisted.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween

My little ghost and goblins went out trick or treating.
The crowd they started with.....

And here are my two ghouls. ;)) Wouldn't know it was Simon with the mask but hey, he wore it all night while out getting candy.
The kids came home with 6 lbs of candy EACH!!! I don't remember getting that much candy when I was a kid!