Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Broken Arm

Simon broke his arm again....this time it was his left arm and not his right arm. Thankfully a small hair line fracture on the radius (bone on the right).

Another 2-3 weeks in a cast. Hopefully it will be off my early June.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


When you get 25 lemons, what do you do???
Make lemon juice and limoncello!
I also started knitting a scarf with this lovely yarn. It is gorgeous!!!!
And......I had to rip this sweater out. It was a great sweater but HUGE so it is now in balls. Sigh.
Happy Mother's Day! Simon helped me pick out the sunflowers to go with the gladiola's I picked out myself.
A wonderful weekend!!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Craft A Long.....2 days too late

Finny & Kelli have a craft a long that I have participated in so far this year. The project for March was to clean/organize your pantry. Well, it took me until today to start my project. This is the before.
With all my stuff on the counter.
My spice collection was the most disorganized......
So, I was most happy to get the spice organizers from The Container Store. Now I can actually see what I have and it turns out I have multiples of a quite a few things.
This is the organized pantry with much purging and cleaning done. I seem to have about 1/4 less stuff!!!
As a job well done I went out for sushi and a glass of wine. It was nice to sit on the restaurant patio because soon it will be REALLY HOT for months!

A Great Saturday

Last Saturday was a busy day! I had breakfast with a girlfriend and then headed to Chandler for Sophia's first birthday party. Here she is with my friend Heather's husband, Brian.
Heather (aka Grandma...sorry Heather) dancing with Sophia.
Heather & I. I sure do miss our Tuesday night knitting group. Unfortunately, with my move to the north side of town has made that impossible. Sigh.
Speaking of our old knitting group, I went to Melanie's engagement party on the way home.
Here is a photo of the lovely couple, Chris & Melanie!
I smile every time I see this photo because they look SO HAPPY! Congrulation!