Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pearl Harbor

We left for Honolulu on Saturday afternoon. The kids looked like old pros at this whole travelling thing although they haven't been on a plane since last Oct.

On Sunday morning, since we were up at the crack of dawn (4:30 am Honolulu time), we headed over to the Pearl Harbor Memorial.
While waiting for the "movie", the kids were enthralled with the whirlpool in the fountain.
Here we are on the memorial.
It is truly a moving experience. I saw so many names of the men that died that day and think of all the crosses on the beach in Normandy and the Vietnam Memorial with all the names of its dead soldiers and I am thankful every day for the freedom they have given their lives to protect.

Maybe I have more worries as a mother whose son has to register for the draft when he turns 18.

A beautiful flag in the blue sky on the Pearl Harbor Memorial.


KreativeMix said...

great pics!!

Margene said...

How wonderful for you and the kids to spend time in Hawaii! Have a great time for the rest of your trip!

Sonia said...

Sarah, just to say I'm so glad you, Hannah and Simon came to Hawaii and that I was finally able to meet y'all in person!
Aloha and come back soon!

The Queen said...


Ok, while you were over the Arizona, did you see the list of men who were survived only to be buried there later -- like beginning in the 80's. That list gets me every time I think about it. For a boy of 18 or 19 to spend his whole life believing that there, on that boat was where he belonged --- it is survivor's remorse and I get that -- but I stood there when I saw it and cried...I cried mostly for those men's wives.

Ok, so that's a downer. I hope you enjoyed Hawaii -- it is truly an amazing place.

Birdsong said...

What a great thing to do with your kids... I am always moved when I see video footage on TV and recall my mother's stories of how those events affected people here in California. Maybe someday I will see it firsthand... I am looking forward to more photos of your adventure!