Thursday, December 30, 2010

Scenes from Thanksgiving Week

Hannah helped make some chocolate orange flavored cookies.  I'd post the recipe but I have already forgotten where I got it from........yeah, that is how I cook, rarely the same thing more than once.
Thanksgiving morning, Hannah was cooking the cranberries to make a yummy cranberry sauce.
The Thanksgiving table set for dinner. You know you live in Arizona when the front door is open to let the outside air in to cool the house.
A version of my Mom's "Christmas Tree Hunting" lunch (we used to cut our own back in Minnesota).  Mom's were bacon wrapped with the cheese in the middle but I put cheese in Hebrew National dogs and covered them with crescent rolls. 
Hannah wearing the Christmas tree skirt.
Simon with the wrapping from the outside tube lights.
The almost finished Christmas tree.
Simon with a craft project...yes, it is a volcano he is painting.
And he did mix vinegar and baking soda together with the neighborhood boys later in the weekend.

Happy almost holidays to everyone!

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