Friday, July 21, 2006

Shirts & Socks

I ordered a long and short sleeved version of this t-shirt from Urban Yarns.

On the back it says: Until she started all that knitting.
When I told David about the t-shirts, he laughed and said I needed one of each! ;)

I have almost finished my sock pattern with the lovely merino-tencel wool from Yarn Botanika.
I have to go look up how to do a Kitchener stitch again.

I have been sewing, which cuts into my knitting time and am also in a bit of a knitting funk. I ripped out the Mystery Stole. I will try again with bigger yarn but the provisional and cobweb weight yarn did not go well together.

I don't know WHAT I want to knit so I am finishing my Sock Swap socks and will knit the second one to this set & write up the pattern.

I also need to finish my wristlet for the Wristlet Swap hosted by AfricanKelli. Her recent post about Slosh Ball (kickball with a keg) was quite funny!


mf said...

set up
p 1st st on front needle leave on
k 1st st back needle leave on
front needle k first st slip off purl next st leave on
back needle purl 1st st slip off and k next st leave on


African Kelli said...

Seriously loving that t-shirt!

photogmichelle said...

that shirt is so cool and I love how the sock turned out, the yarn is so pretty.

tocspaw said...

I must have one of those shirts...too funny!

YarnB said...

I love the tees!! I am going to go look them up! And the sock looks FANTASTIC!! Talk soon :)

YarnB said...

ps.. I got the new cashmere yarns..i can give you some (yum yum) to try a new pattern with?? LOL Lace next?

Roxanne said...

LOL at the shirt...cute!