Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Day at the Ostrich Festival

We spent most of today at the Chandler Ostrich Festival and had a good time.

The kids rode LOTS of rides, and of course, we had to start with the "huge" slide.
They rode on a small roller coaster.
Hannah & I rode on some sleigh thing that made me want to puke.
And their favorite??? Riding a HORSE.
Simon too...granted they were going slow but they both enjoyed it a lot.
And what would a festival be without one stupid shoe photo??? Not as many dumb shoes as last year! Although, one of the guys who worked for the Budweiser people said there were MANY stilettos to be seen last night at the Rick Springfield if he was going to pick them up for their fancy shoes in the audience.
Well, there is always next year.


Kate said...

Looks like you have a fine time on the festival. And why am I not surprised over the photo of your daughter on the horse, horses and girls belongs together I think.

African Kelli said...

Naturally when I think of going to an ostrich festival, my first concern is "Will my white patent leather heels match my white too-short shorts?"

JerseyGirl said...

African kelli-that's the first thing I think when attending an ostrich festival! Lol!

Nice post Sarah. Kids look like they had a great time. Hannah seems to be growing and changing quickly these days.

Christina said...

The festival looks like it was alot of fun. I've seen people walking around Disney World with heels too. I just don't get it. The stupidity amazes me.