Monday, March 19, 2007

Random Day..again

There has been absolutely NO KNITTING at Chez HB.

However, I did order some yummy soap recently from a lady in town(ish). I see her at a local downtown market, buy things as gifts but never anything for myself. I decided to order a few things for myself so I got some Lavender Peppermint Soap, Lavender Vanilla Body Butter & Peppermint lip balm. All the items are made with Goat's Milk and they come from Double Blessing's Goat's Milk products. I think they raise their own goats for the products. So far, I have loved all the items, especially the body butter since it is very moisturizing without being greasy.
I finished my bag. I thought I'd make one for myself to work out the kinks in the pattern. Easy to do and I didn't even use my serger because I was too lazy to get it out.
I learned that machine quilting is not tough and that more is not always better when making a design on the bag. It just needs some matte board in the bottom for bulk.


JerseyGirl said...

Turkish Mocha! I love it! Thank you so much. It's smelling up the entire room right now.

Nice bag! I love the fabric. It's very you. :)

Kate said...

Wow, the purse is very nice. I like the fabrics you've used.

Diane said...

Sarah it's good to get caught up with your blog. Wow, I awear the kids have grown over night! I can't get over how tall Hannah seems to have gotten. The trip to the Ostrich Festival sounde like big fun. I am still laughing at the shorts and stilettos at a festival like that. Too funny!

The bag you made is really nice. Love the material and colors. Okay, with the hat; what does frogged mean? Toss into the frig pond? What? LOL

Hope all is well with the sale of your home.

Loved the pictures of the kids.