Saturday, September 22, 2007

House Photos

There is no knitting photos but I will show photos of the house. There are still boxes everywhere but I am working through them, slowly but surely.

In the spare room, there are two small windows that needed something but I didn't want blinds since they were so small so....I bought some window film at Home Depot and this is what I have.....lets in light but covers the window.
I bought patio furniture last night and put it together.
The sun rising as I sit on the patio this morning. The kids are at David's and yet, I can't sleep past 5:45 am!
I am unpacking and organizing today. Should be fun!


photogmichelle said...

adorable patio set and great idea for the window.

maybe someday you'll be able to sleep past 6.

J.Reilly said...

Yay for a new house! Have fun unpacking - think of it as your birthday and all your stuff is new again.