Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ah Babies....

We visited our new addition, Noah, today. He was gorgeous!!! Funny, does not make me want another babies no matter how cute and cuddly he was while holding him.

Here is Mom (Marne), big sister Elizabeth, Simon & Noah. Funny thing, Hannah wanted NOTHING to do with him. Ah, he is cute but nope, nothing doing. Let's hope that holds until she has finished college and worked a few years.
Simon LOVED rubbing Noah's head so much.
Congratulations Pat & Marne!!!

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Kate said...

What a handsome little baby boy. I was visiting my cousin last Sunday, they had a babygirl for 21 days ago. She was so cute too.
And I have been cought up in SockMadness, my house looks like hell, and blogvisings has been forgotten. But, one round left.