Thursday, April 10, 2008

Green Bags

A few years ago I started using canvas bags to "bag" my groceries...long before OPRAH told everyone to do so.... Anyway, while surfing last week I found this pattern online that looks amazingly similar to a plastic grocery bag.

Here is my finished bag...all folded up.
Unfolded and ready to use.

Filled up with boxes. I have to be truthful, it is almost exactly the same size as a plastic grocery bag with the added bonus that you can fold this one up in your purse. I see making more of these with the fabric I have around the house. I estimate that this bag cost less than $3 to make since the outside fabric was about $1 and the lining also $1. The button and elastic were from my sewing stash so...almost free.

Definitely worth the $6 cost of the pattern.


Margene said...

Smart idea and cute bag. It's easy to remember a bag that looks good (and that you created!)

photogmichelle said...

That does look like an awesome bag, totally going to have to invest in that pattern. I currently have a bunch of the ones that the stores are selling for a $1,but when they wear out, I'll definitely be making these.

Mel said...

I have the store bought reusable ones too, but they won't fit in the purse. Definitely worth the price of the pattern and would make a good ROAK gift to others as well. Not to mention help with fabric de-stashing.

tocspaw said...

Can you teach me to sew? :-) I have handwoven cloth just waiting to become zippered bags...and you don't want to know what my first solo attempt was like!