Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Week!

Simon needed a bigger bike, so earlier this week, we got him one with "pegs".
His first ride on the new bike.
On Wednesday night we dyed eggs. We also used my family tradition about cracking Easter eggs. We crack them on each other's heads. Strange but it works for us!!
I spent Easter day with Dad & Linda. Gorgeous Arizona weather.
Dad enjoying a glass of wine after the potluck.
The Easter Bunny came at my house so after we got home....the kids hunted for their eggs. They were happy with their visit from the bunny.
I have also been working on the "Lady Sweater" and am about 3 inches from finishing the body.
Maybe another week until it is done depending on how much knitting I get done in the coming week!


The Girl from Mozambique said...

Nice bike. And the pegs are a must.

Diane said...

Lovely sweater and Easter looked like a fun time. What are pegs on a bike?? Great bike!

Birdsong said...

Looks like you had a nice holiday!