Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Great Weekend

A friend of mine came in from California this weekend and so we decided to play tourist. We went to the Heard Museum, something I have never done since I moved here in 1995.
We also went to a spring training game and watched the San Francisco Giants play the San Diego Padres. Yes, that is knitting on my lap. I knit 3.5 inches on the Lady Sweater during the 3.5 hour game. We got lucky at the game because a guy asked us out front if we had tickets and when we said no, he gave us tickets right behind home plate.

Sitting behind us was Kurtwood Smith who played the Dad, Red, from That 70's Show and brother.
The view from our great FREE seats.


Mel said...

How cool! Free tickets AND a celebrity sighting. Great weekend, indeed.

Diane said...

You really scroed with those tickets! What a great wekeend all thre way around with a terrific friend!