Saturday, May 02, 2009

Craft A Long.....2 days too late

Finny & Kelli have a craft a long that I have participated in so far this year. The project for March was to clean/organize your pantry. Well, it took me until today to start my project. This is the before.
With all my stuff on the counter.
My spice collection was the most disorganized......
So, I was most happy to get the spice organizers from The Container Store. Now I can actually see what I have and it turns out I have multiples of a quite a few things.
This is the organized pantry with much purging and cleaning done. I seem to have about 1/4 less stuff!!!
As a job well done I went out for sushi and a glass of wine. It was nice to sit on the restaurant patio because soon it will be REALLY HOT for months!


Diane said...

Great going Sarah! I love my spice and ther small pantry goodies organizers on the side walls of my pantry too. works so well and makes everything so easy to find and inventory. Great job!! You look great enjoying the glass of wine and sushi. I had sushi yesterday as my picnice lunch in Napa. Fun!

Heather said...

Coming to do mine next?