Sunday, October 11, 2009


Last weekend I made pita bread for lunch. From start to finish it is a pretty quick bread to make, maybe under 3 hours with very little actual active working time. Here is the last step before baking.
The fun part about pita bread is that is puffs up some when you cook it to make the pocket inside. Here is one batch baking and puffing up. It was tasty and my kids even liked it.
I had gotten okra at the farmer's market. I thought I would try something new with okra other than battered and fried so I made curried okra.
The first step is sliced and then soaked in salt water overnight.

In order to get the okra soaked, it recommended iced water.
Afterward it is sauteed with onions and curry. I added lentils to the mixture to make a whole meal. It tasted great with the pita bread.

Another recipe I recently tried was caramel apple cookies. I substituted caramel's for the bits because I couldn't find them. The cookies were really good but if you use caramel pieces, cut them up in REALLY TINY pieces!

I didn't make this meal but it is one of my favorites. Green papaya salad and summer rolls from a local Thai restaurant.

This is the last soup I made from the farmer's market produce. It is a butternut squash and sweet potato soup. I made up the recipe as I went along so, nothing exciting on that front. I topped it with fresh basil and Sriracha sauce.

Happy Sunday!

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JerseyGirl said...

Beautiful! I love that you take pictures of your food. It all sounds good and looks pretty. You always amaze me w/what you make w/your fresh produce.
I was just wishing I had some pita bread to go w/the hummus in my refrigerator! Speaking of, I miss Sabuddy's hummus and babganoush! YUM!!! They're located on Shea/Scottsdale now.