Sunday, November 08, 2009


I had a Saturday project.....take the carpeting off my stairs and landing. I am having laminate installed soon, and since I have a lovely cat (aka landing peeing machine) I needed to see how bad it was and what wood needs to be replaced before I get the laminate installed.

I am dressed and ready for action......crowbar, gloves and a mask.
The carpet on the stairs........
The finished product.....
After the project I atttending the wedding of my former neighbor's daughter. Here are Russell & Joanne (Mother of the Bride).

And me....I would have had a photo of the bride camera battery died.

Interesting contrast between morning and evening.

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JerseyGirl said...

You look HOT in that mask! ;) You do look pretty at the wedding. Nice shot. Is that THE fountain in fountain hills? I never saw it in person-only from a plane.

I'm making baba ganoush from this site today:

I'm also roasting garlic in the crock pot along side the eggplant. YUM!

I loved your book club post-the cake looked delicious!