Saturday, January 02, 2010

A Day in New York

I spent a few days in New York over the holidays. I had not been there in a couple of decades. Getting there was a very long day....that ended well with a wonderful Thai dinner that included one of my favorites, green papaya salad.
A visit to Times Square.
An abstract sculpture near Ground Zero in New York.

A Statue of Liberty sculpture in the museum near Ground Zero.

Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Gorgeous day for a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Downtown Manhattan, Pier 17, looking over to Brooklyn Heights.

Chinatown...I always love the sights in Chinatown. I was surprised to see so much Durian for sale due to its distinct odor.
I was sorely tempted to stop for a bowl of Pho but kept going since I wanted to save room for other snacks along the way.
Yum, cheese in an Italian deli.
Later in the afternoon, I happened to be on the subway back to my hotel, when I heard the next stop was Bleecker Street. One of my colleagues told me to stop in and try their sangria.

So...I did!

At the end of this really long day, I caught Mamma Mia on Broadway. A great show!!

Times Square at night is a very interesting place. Lots of fake handbags and wallets.

With a stop at CLEAN bathrooms provided by Charmin!

A fun end to a great first day in New York.


JerseyGirl said...

I'm so sad we weren't around when you were in NYC! Glad you had a fun trip! Let's chat soon. HAPPY NEW YEAR! =)

The Girl from Mozambique said...

Ah New York City... Love Bleeker Street.

Hippy Chick said...

Your pics are amazing! I used to live across the bay in NJ and all the sites you visited brought back great memories and a desire to go there again. Great post.