Sunday, August 29, 2010

Random Sunday

A few weeks ago the kids wanted to get a coconut and crack it open.  We did and not surprisingly, this is what we found inside!
Even after draining the "milk"

And cracking it open, it was not nearly as excited they had hoped.  They both tried the meat and decided it was OK and wandered away.  Not quite as exciting as they had hoped!  I am pretty sure we won't have to go down that route again.

Life as a single Mom is so exciting sometimes.  Simon's back bike tire was flat (again) so I took it apart and was very excited that I was able to replace the tube AND get the chain back on so he could ride it on our vacation!

Ground up jalapeno with garlic and salt to make the Vietnamese Dipping Sauce.
A very delicious Sizling Saigon Crepes (Bánh Xèo).  They were SO GOOD!

Finny inspired the Vietnamese cooking with her post about the crepes.  I had them a few years ago but have been unable to find them in a restaurant so we very excited to find the recipe.  You take the crepe above and wrap it in a lettuce leaf with mint and cilantro then roll it up and dip in the sauce.  I couldn't convince the kids to try it but I enjoyed it very much!  Thanks Finny!

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