Sunday, August 29, 2010


I have had some travel recently for work and THANKFULLY for fun.

I had a recent business trip to New Jersey and was lucky enough to visit my good friend Kristina and her hubby, Andy.  We met about 12 years ago when we worked at the same company in Phoenix.  I rarely get to Jersey on business so as a bonus for the 5 hour plane ride I got a bonus visit!
New Jersey: My Amazing friend Kristina

The kids & I took our annual vacation to California this year.  Instead of one of our driving vacations we chose to hold up the beach, bike and just hang out.  I rented a condo 3 houses from the beach in a tourist area where we were able to ride our bikes anywhere we needed to go so the car didn't move for the bulk of the time after we arrived.
Simon boogy boarding
Running in the Pacific Ocean
Hannah playing in the waves
Roller coaster at Mission Beach
Bumper Cars at Mission Beach
Pacific Beach Sunset
Surfers in the ocean at sunset

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