Sunday, June 03, 2007

Thank you Veterans & Outta Here!

First, I need thank all the Veteran's in the USA. My Dad & one of my baby brother's, Matthew. Matthew enlisted during Persian Gulf but did not get deployed to foreign lands but instead, was stationed at USAMIIRD due to his physics degree, I think.

Anyway, these photos are of my Dad as part of the color guard on Memorial Day at their neighborhood.

It was really moving to see all the Vet's salute the flag. Made me cry and still does!
Hannah in her patriotic finest!

I am off to DC this week! Hopefully, along with work, I will see above said brother, his wife, babies (whom I have not met) and their new(ish) house in western Maryland. I can't be this close to them and not give up a bit o sleep to see them!!!


Catherine Kerth said...

have a safe trip! i'll be thinkin' of you :)

JerseyGirl said...

Hope you had a great trip!