Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We drove up on Friday afternoon. Traffic was not nearly as bad as I thought it might be and we arrived around 5 pm. We had dinner on the patio at a pizza restaurant, which the kids wanted, and had a nice time.

Saturday we had a full day. We went to the Pioneer History Museum outside of Flagstaff where the kids explored an old fashioned train.

Then it was off to the Sky Ride. My view on either side of the chair.

It is a long way up but so pretty!
The view from the top!
Hannah wanted to take some photos so she took one of the new sign for the top of the mountain.
And this lovely view!
We could see for miles on the way down although both kids pretty much put their heads under the blanket I brought most of the way down. Going down on a chair lift is always a bit scary, even to me but the view made it worth it.
Next post....Sunset Crater & Wapatki Monument.


Margene said...

What a nice outing! Must check out a few sights when we make it that way again.
My dad is in Flagstaff and we've been thinking about making a trip this fall.

Wannabe said...

HOW FUN! The kids are sooo cute. Guess that guide book is going to come in handy this summer. ;)

Kate said...

Looks like you had a very nice trip. What a beautiful landscape!!

African Kelli said...

Mmm... Flagstaff, one of my very favorite homes. You all look so happy and like you are having a blast! Where did you eat? Did you make it to Crystal Creek for a strawberry lemonade by chance? YUM!