Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekly Round Up

I bought this for my desk. It is an icraig radio/clock & docking station. I paid $1.98 for it after getting free gift card at CVS and then I had another $5 coupon. Can't beat that for a docking station and the added bonus is that is also charges my ipod so I don't have to bring in the cord.

I updated the kids bathroom yesterday. It looked kinda "blah" and I needed something to replace the big fan over the windows because it made the bathroom look really dark.
So, yesterday I stopped at Big Lots on my way home from meeting some SnB ladies for Saturday knitting.

I didn't know what I was looking for but I found the flowered napkins for $1 each. Then, I saw that they also had bath towels in hot pink alone and white with hot pink so I took at as a sign.
I sewed seams in the napkins to make a casing to fit over the curtain rod. Some were straight and some I sewed on a diagonal. They make a nice curtain and let a good amount of light through them too. AND, Target had the hot pink shower curtain. The bathroom looks so bright and clean instead of tired.

Still knitting on the lace leaf shawl and I am only 10 rows away from being finished so hopefully, it will get blocked this week!


Nancy said...

I'd be curious to know what the quality of your docking station is like. I bought the iHome2Go docking station for work, but it has a lot of static. If you like yours, I might be willing to try again!

Theresa said...

Cute updates to your bathroom. Very cheery!

Kate said...

What a big difference on the bath. And it looks beautiful, I guess one of the kids is happy about the colour.And you have done a great job.

Catherine Kerth said...

ooooo, big difference that made... the space looks more open!

Margene said...

Great idea for your bath decorations!!