Saturday, July 28, 2007

First Day of School

After Simon's 5th birthday, he also started Kindergarten this past Tuesday and Hannah started 3rd grade. Some days I wonder where the time has gone.

Here they are in the requisite 1st day of school photo.
My "baby" who was all excited about school.
But, there was a wee bit of apprehension before....
they finally took off and left all the parents behind to go to their classrooms.
Hannah with her friend, Wendy, shortly before she ran off to the big kids playground!


Margene said...

School already!? Your kids are so cute...they do grow up so quickly!

photogmichelle said...

the summer just flew by. Jared will be starting Kindergarten too in another week. I'm excited for him, I don't even think he cares right now though. Simon was probably an old pro by the end of his first week.

African Kelli said...

Oh my gosh. That went by fast! Both of your children look so happy! And Sarah! My goodness. I think change agrees with you. You look great!!

J.Reilly said...

Sarah, your kids are so cute! I hope you're having a good summer and staying cool. Thanks for the comment!