Sunday, July 01, 2007

We went to the Circus.

Hannah came home from day camp painted up like a clown. Unfortunately, it did not last until Saturday for our trip to the Circus.

I had two extra tickets so we brought along two neighbor girls, Ellen (l) and Moriah (r).
For an hour before the circus, you can go down on the floor and see many of the performers up close and personal.
The girls tried on some costumes.
And, a group photo on our way to the car. We got very lucky with parking and parked in a lot right across the street. The extra $3 was totally worth the ease of getting the auditorium and not having to walk blocks in 110 F heat!
We then went out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant on the west side of Phoenix! Yes, Kristina, it was La Mexicana! Food was as good as always and they had a kids menu, who knew??

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JerseyGirl said...

La Mexicana-Nice! :) Always a good meal. Who did know they had a kids menu? lol. That was nice of you to take along the neighbor girls to the circus! Looks like a fun time was had!