Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy 5th Birthday Simon

We had a small party at McDonald's yesterday for Simon.
His "ice cream" birthday cake (the kids don't eat the cake anyway).
Hannah with Reece.
Simon & the neighbor, Blake.
The whole crew, including Elizabeth on the end.
This morning...with his new bike and presents.
Riding his new bike!
My new phone...I know, it is pink and I am not a huge pink girl but, I like it anyway. At least it won't blend in with the black inside of all my purses!


Kate said...

Congrats to Simon. Looks like a happy boy today.
I didn't know you were pink, nice phone!!!

Pam said...

Happy Birthday Simon, you little ham.

JerseyGirl said...

Happy belated birthday to Simon! Looks like he had fun celebrating and riding his new wheels!

New phones are or not. ;)

Kate said...

oh my they look so cute and I love the pictures and the idea of a Ice cream only party but my DH would not let me have one because he has to have the cake.