Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cooking Sunday

I was surfing through the Food Network this morning and ran across Paula Deen's program. She made a hashbrown quiche so I decided to try it because I had hashbrowns in the freezer. Here they are before I put the filling in the crust.

The finished quiche.
I also had a bunch of bananas on the freezer that needed to be made into Banana Bread. I made a full loaf and a bunch of mini loaves.
I also made a grilled zucchini salad and some grilled flat bread.
The finished grilling.
And made into salad for lunch. The salad I made used grilled zucchini, grilled onions with some olive oil, salt, pepper, a little cayenne and pine nuts.
The quiche will be my lunch a few days this week at work and dinner tonight.


The Queen said...

Can I come live with you? I'll buy groceries, if YOU cook. ;)

outdoorgriller said...

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knitalittle said...

Hummm Yum now I have some ideas for this weeks meals.

I grew up in Michigan just 5 minutes from Lake Huron. Many a day was passed knitting and watching the ships float by.

alison said...

Yum!!! I tried to grill veggies on the bbq last month and incinerated them instead. Damn. That quiche looks really good.