Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving in Review

The kids pulled the wishbone from our Thanksgiving and Simon got the wish.
This is Dad, Linda & I before dinner at their community center. We were helping serve, hence the aprons.

Thanksgiving dinner....
After dinner my Dad & I started our attempt to fix my Ipod.
Turns out that the battery is "glued" in so we had a bit of a question as to how much force to use to get it out without killing the ipod.
So, Dad checked the internet and there was a great video on You Tube that showed we could use a bigger screwdriver and more force than I would have thought and still not break the circuit board for the wheel underneath.
This morning, we used some brute force and got the battery out and the new one in....last night I plugged the new one into the circuit and charged it to see if the battery was truly the problem or if I needed a new hard drive. It was the battery! Yea!!!!
Another project for Thanksgiving was replacing the shower handle. Linda has a tough time adjusting the water temp with the "back" handle.
Wahoo, we bought a replacement piece and installed a lever instead. Had hoped she would also get a new on/off knob but alas, it did not fit.

Dad also put the chain back on Simon's bike so we had a very productive Thanksgiving Day & day after!!!

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Diane said...

Look like a wonderful time Sarah! Glad to hear your iPod is working again.