Saturday, November 29, 2008

A New Year's Project

I have seen these "easy to install" backsplash panels on home improvement shows but have never looked for them in a store near me. However, yesterday when I was at Lowe's with Dad & Linda picking up the parts for their shower I finally remembered to look.

They are very cool and I bought one to see if I like it in my kitchen.
I do like it and think I will calculate how many I need and think about doing this under the cabinets in the kitchen in the new year.


Diane said...

Sarah I LOVE the backsplash you are going to be putting upin your kitchen. The tecxture, metal, everything abut them is wonderful. Love the rack for keeping things handy by your stove as well.

alison said...

It looks great. Please post pix when you do the whole project.