Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meyer Lemon's

I decided to join Finny & Donk's craft along this year. They are using projects from Craftzine this year. One of which is Lemon Drop Cookies.

I used Meyer Lemon's from Rosie & Woody. The first step is making sugar mixed with lemon zest.
Mix it together with all the other components and put on a cookie sheet. See that fancy layer under the cookies? It is Silpat my sister brought back from France on a recent visit.
After they came out of the oven.
Meyer lemons....
And then my friend, Jen, recommended that I make a lemon drop drink. Yum...mixed vodka, leftover lemon zest sugar and juice. Yum!


Margene said...

Lemon cookies and lemon tinis! Sounds like heaven.

Diane said...

The cookies look great. Good luck in the craft along competeions this year! I haven;t had a lemon drop in years. YUM!

Diane said...

Cookies look pretty good and so does the Lemon Drop! That's cool oyu are doing the challenge this year.