Monday, January 05, 2009

Thank you to our military!

I forgot to write about some experiences on a flight I have taken.

I have always been a patriotic person and am thankful for our those that serve or have served in the military, like my Dad, my brother, a college girlfriend and her hubby.

While waiting in the airport to board recently, I was watching as those before me got on the plane. I see a young man that is being kissed and hugged by what looks to be his parents and his sister before he gets on the plane and they leave. He also has a few tell tale signs of being military....short hair and a camo backpack.

I get on the plane some people after him and want to shake his hand and thank him. I see him sitting towards the back of the plane so I head further back and stop at his aisle. I put out my hand and shook his while thanking him. He was bit shell shocked as to why I was thanking him and so I said, you are in the military, right? He said, yes. I just said thank you again and chose a seat a few rows back.

A few minutes later, he turned around and thanked me. He said that no one ever does that anymore to the military and that it meant a lot that there were people who still appreciated our military personnel.

On the next leg of the flight, since I got in the second row I sat by an unaccompanied minor and a young woman who looked like she had been crying.

Turns out this young woman had just left her husband for their last visit before he shipped out to "parts unknown" for 7 months with the Marines. She just needed someone to talk to about what she was going through and the sadness and worry she felt about her husband shipping out for 7 months.

I thanked her for the sacrifices her family made and to know that there are people who appreciate our military forces. She said it meant a lot to her to hear that and she would tell her husband.

Do I agree with what we are doing as a country with our military? No, not so much but I am a big believer in supporting the people!

So, next time you see our troops, say thank you. It will mean more to them than you will possibly know!

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Diane said...

Beautiful post Sarah. I too thank miltitary personnel when I see them. I think every one should, no matter what their personal feelings are about what we are doing right now with o military. Regardless, these are our men and women putting their lives on the line every day for the betterment of our country and the world. I believ in supporting the people too. Big hugs to you Sarah for such a great post.