Friday, April 09, 2010

A day of rest(ish)

Here is a photo of the rental. We had the upstairs.
We saw a good number of crew teams practicing in the bay.
I also saw quite a few sea lions in the bay. I saw this one floating and was worried something was wrong with it but, after an internet search, I learned that the behavior below is called jug handling where the sea lion is raising their fins above water to warm themselves. Learn something new every day.
We rented bikes for an hour and road up and down the beach front.

Enjoyed watching the surfers off the pier....
And then took a 45 minute boat ride in the harbor and out into the ocean just a wee bit. The weather was perfect!
We saw some sea lions up close and personal on the bouy.
Thankfully, the kids went on the small ferris wheel without me. ;) I don't like heights and I really don't like the part where you have to sit at the top while the equal the weight by loading someon on the bottom.
We spent some time at the beach and building sand castles.
A friend came down from the LA area and took us up the Laguna Beach.
We'd hope to hit the tide pools....but it was high tide. I know where to go next time we visit and the tide is out.
We wound down the day by watching the world go by on the patio.
And one last visit to the fat cat down the way.
We are definitely headed back in August. Warm weather, bikes we bring from home and the ocean.

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