Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

I think we all may remember my voyage into community supported agriculture (CSA) last year. I liked it but it was more than I could eat because the kids wouldn't eat most of it so....the neighbors ate well! ;)

Anyway, for Earth Day at work, they supported CSA baskets so my girlfriend and I split one. PERFECT! So, here is a sampling....1/2 a head of romaine, cantelope (she took the pineapple since I had one at home), red potatos, bananas (not shown), apples and tomatoes.

Tonight I decided to use the Swiss Chard......using this recipe.
Add red pepper, garlic, olive oil to saute then at the end, add parmesan, salt and pepper.
A good dinner.
Miss Finny...she may not agree (she is part of the One Yard Wonders craft along...and dislikes Chard).
Heres hoping I can continue to share the CSA basket!

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