Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random Sunday...

I had a busy Saturday of errands, bike ride, buying dressers (finally!) for my master bedroom (still have to put them together) and house cleaning.

However, on Friday, Hannah and her friends decided wear something fun to school on Friday. This was her Friday outfit. I got nothing to say, since my Mom used to swear I put on my "worst" (coolest in my mind) outfit to go out with her. She put up with it and I still may have my own sense of style, although a wee bit older, I enjoy Hannah's personal expression.

Today, with a morning (weekend) to myself, I thought I should make a real meal instead of eating junk. Sometimes I do that on my non-kid weekends but today I made a 1 person breakfast that started with a cubed slice of bread.
And ended with a very nice egg, cheese and bread bake.
I also have a couple of salads floating around in the fridge. This one is for the One Yard Wonder Craft Along April project. Since I haven't really been sewing, I can ALWAYS cook. :) This is Finny's Fennel Citrus Salad.
The salad includeds fennel, red onion, red grapefruit (can I tell you I LOVE the pre-cut packages from Dole I bought at Sam's Club!), rice vinegar, orange juice and olive oil. Her recipe called for black olives but I had none so skipped them.
I also have a carrot salad that has shredded carrots, orange juice, cumin, cinnamon, salt, pepper and then add a little feta cheese before eating. Yum! I think there is enough food for me until I leave for Sacramento on Tuesday. what to feed the kids?

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JerseyGirl said...

Hannah looks fantastic! So's great. Linda wants to know where she got her t-shirt (she's a math teacher and thought her students would love it).

Happy Weekend! =)