Sunday, May 09, 2010

Business trip to Chicago

I had a tiring business trip to Chicago this past week. Since it was a conference and not one of my normal solo junkets, there was fun to be had with colleagues. One of the annual events is the "Pope" dinner at Bucca de Beppo.
Photos from the room.....
Lots & lots of Pope's!

Due to my inability to sleep well on business trips in hotel rooms, no matter what time zone I am in, I saw a beautiful sunrise every day from my 33rd floor corner room. It was very calming to watch the sun come up over Lake Michigan.

Although it seemed like I was chained to the hotel, I did sneak out one afternoon for an hour to walk around and get some fresh air. The flowers were really pretty.
I did get to walk to the open water of Lake Michigan by getting up near dawn and walking down to the riverfront walk.
Saw the water taxi's....
My walking partner and colleague, David, took a photo of me near Trump Towers and the pretty flowers.
I left my camera at the hotel for the final event since I didn't want to carry a handbag and my pockets were full. However, the final event was held at the Museum of Science & Industry and it was held around the U-505 exhibit. It was really cool and SO BIG! We got to go inside the submarine and enjoy the exhibit. If you get to Chicago, I would definitely recommend this as a place to visit.

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Diane said...

Sarah I haven;t been on the blogs in months! SO fun to ctach up with you through pictures. Loving your longer hair. Looks great!