Monday, May 31, 2010

Arlington, VA

I seem to be on a travel binge at work lately. I had a conference in Arlington, VA. I took the metro and then figured out it was a 14 block walk to the hotel. However, since it was a nice day and I didn't have anywhere I needed to be quickly, I decided to walk since I always pack light. The walk was beautiful and although I got distracted by all the cool shops, I was able to resist buying anything.
The hotel I stayed in was really funky and quaint. Definitely a boutique hotel. This is a photo I took of the lobby where they served wine every evening during happy hour.

This is my hotel room. Although there was no closet, they put in a nice armoire to use instead.

The bathroom........I had a handicap accessible room so I think the bathroom was larger than normal.
During lunch on the first day of the conference, I took a walk down to the Potomac and enjoyed the lovely weather and scenery.

In the evening, I was fortunate enough to get together for dinner with my old boss, Chris, from Fargo.

After the conference, I rented a car to get on the road EARLY (or at least before the traffic to really ugly!) to visit my brother. It is always a beautiful drive with much greenery along the road.

The traffic wasn't too bad and I made it to Matthew & Mindy's place before it got dark.

Even the Jack the cat was waiting in my bed to greet me when I tried to get in and move him out of the way!
What a warm welcome!

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JerseyGirl said...

Cute hotel!
What a great trip-you got to reconnect w/an old boss and visit your brother and family!