Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Our neighborhood had a pool party on Memorial Day weekend Sunday.
Hannah & Shelby had a lot of fun with the lei's.

Sebastian REALLY enjoyed the Cheetohs.
Neighbor Mike worked the grill. I loved his shirt. It said, "Paddle Faster. I hear the sound of banjos." AKA Deliverance.
Simon & Brendan got into the lei act too.
Soon enough it was time to get the kids in the car for camp. Hannah was GUNG HO but Simon was a bit more apprehensive. He has not ever been away from home for 4 nights.

Hannah found a spot in the van with some of the counselors and their iPod full of music.

Simon found a group of little boys to ride with....I am hoping he made friends with them and it made his first trip to camp a little less lonely for him. I haven't gotten the call to come pick him up so, he must be doing OK.

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JerseyGirl said...

Looks like you had a fun pool party! Hope the kids had a good time at camp!