Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Birthday Aftermath...

David & I went out and got Hannah a new "big kid" bike for her birthday. It was in the garage when she got home from school.
It is a wee bit big but not much since we lowered the seat for her. Gotta wear a helmet with the new big bike.
She got a "home" for her Littlest Pet Shop animals from Grandma Barb.
And Heely's from Grandma Linda, Grandpa and her "Auntie" (Godmother) Tamara. She had them on and was not doing so well on them in the house so it might take some practice with her safety "gear" on before she gets the hang of them.And the cake...I made her an ice cream cake instead of a baked cake. The kids LOVE ice cream but can really do without the cake so, why not make one?
The Hannah birthday extravaganza is over for another year! ;)


Anonymous said...

So Blogger ate my previous, well thought out, comment. So, this one will be a bit shorter :-) Happy Birthday Hannah!! Heather

Abigale said...

Awww - she's soooo pretty! Happy Birthday! Really starts to make you wonder where all the years go though doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

She's suddenly looking very grown up! More young lady...less little girl. The days fly by.

posting as anon cause I can't figure out my google-y moogly password.