Monday, February 05, 2007

Weekend Knitting

I haven't had lace on the needles for some time so.....I frogged my 1/2 Janet Shawl so I could reuse this gorgeous (totally my favorite colors) yarn.

I decided to try my luck at Kiri again. I tried her a couple of years ago and just could not get the hang of it! It was a nightmare...even after Polly tried to send me pointers. I am pleased to say it is going really well. I have knit quite a few shawls with lace weight yarn and no can see the "landmarks" within the pattern that tell me if I am off or not. It is strange how well it is going this time considering what a disaster it was a couple of years ago.
I love the if I could only find a pair of circulars in size 7! I know I have some but I'll be darned if I can find them and I don't like using my Needle Master needles for seems to catch on the join. I see myself at Micheal's buying a set this afternoon!


Kate said...

I have tried Kiri, but after knitting Birch, it's a bit difficult to do Kiri, even though it's the same shawl, but Birch is starting from the neck, and over 299 sts to begin with. I have the pattern in Norwegian, but it's easy to translate, only 6 rounds that continues. Let me know if you want it.
By the way, wish you luck with the interwiv. Saw the post, but now it's gone again.

Kelli said...

Ah, what we learn within a couple of years. :) Beautiful projects, as always Sarah!