Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Furminator: Part II

I have had quite a few emails asking how well the furminator works. So, I thought I would show you in photos.

The during the brushing of Obie, the Himalayan cat.

The aftermath on my black pants.
A pile of the fur. The brushing took less than 10 minutes...probably closer to 5 minutes. I could never get that amount of fur off Obie with a normal brush, even if I brushed him for 20-30 minutes.
Mr. Fluffy, Obie, after his brushing.
I got the brush at our vet and it cost $30. Less than a single grooming.


Kelli said...

I was eating my lunch. Now I am hacking. EWWW!!

Wannabe said...

We have one of those and I also use those for our long hairs at Rescue. LOVE them! Your cat is soooo funny in that last picture! It looks like he's saying...yes, I am the king of the castle and aren't I beautiful.

keri said...

Oh my that is a lot of hair! I'm interested though, my dogs could really use one of those.