Friday, February 02, 2007

Race 2

We went to Hannah's race at a local school yesterday. There were 4 schools in stead of 6 like there were last week.

Here is Simon trying to amuse himself while we waited for the race to start.
While the race was taking place....
Hannah & her friend, Kathly, abou t1/3 of a mile into the 1.5 miles.
The sheer joy on her face for getting 28 out of 94 girls (K-6th grade). I think she was 105 out of 154 last week. She ran the whole way and was so proud of herself.
Turns out, she did such a good job that she got 4th, Kathlyn (on right) got 3rd and Erica (on left) got 2nd!
Way to got girls!


photogmichelle said...

that is so awesome, way to go Hannah!!!!

YarnB said...

Simon and that face of his :)
Yeah Hannah! Congrats
We still need to do our sweet tomatoes outing with the kids!

eva said...

Sounds like you have a budding track and field star on your hands!