Sunday, April 08, 2007


Happy Easter Everyone!!!

Ours started early. I know you are shocked. There was hunting for eggs and having candy as an appetizer to breakfast.
Hannah found most of her eggs without a problem.
Here we are on the way to church. Hannah is wearing a dress her Grandma in Minnesota made and Simon an outfit she bought for him. He looks all grown up with a TIE!
The church has a nice play area because they have a childcare at the church too. They were pretending they were pirates on the boat.
The highlight was an egg hunt after church. The kids had a hard time waiting....
but once they were off, there were more than enough eggs for everyone.
Hannah & Simon holding their eggs.
I am knitting although this full time job and long commute is definitely cutting into my knitting time!! I do knit at lunch so have done some rows on the lace leaf shawl.
You can barely see them but I decided to add a bead to the tip of each leaf. It looks pretty in person and will give the shawl a bit of shimmer.
Off to another week at work so I am not sure there will be any great updates until next weekend!!!


Kate said...

My girls does not care about eggs, I guess they have grown up too fast. The shawl looks beautiful, I'm looking forward to se it finished.

African Kelli said...

Your Easter looks wonderful Sarah! I am so glad everyone is adjusting well. Did you find some cute new clothes?

Catherine Kerth said...

love the shawl! Have you lost wieght? the kids look so grown up now-a-days!